St Mary's Church Talyllyn

St Mary's Church at Talyllyn dates from around the 13th century although the present structure is thought to have been erected around 1590.

The Dolgellau Record Office ( my thanks to all the staff for all their help during my research ) contains most of the documents relating to the St Mary's Church.

Although the records of the Church at Talyllyn go back to the 1500's the quality of the early registers held at Dolgellau make reading them difficult and I have found that the Mormon microfilm of the Bishop Transcripts are easier to read although the early records are in Latin.
The East Window Talyllyn Church

During my research I came across a rather amusing note regarding " Ale at Vestry meetings ", it was recorded in 1826 that figures of 2/3/- & 1/10/7 were spent on Ale, but all that was to change because at the end of the 1828-1829 accounts the magistrates who audited the overseers' accounts annually had written.
" The overseers are desired to take notice that in future all allowances for ale will be disallowed " I bet that put a damper on future vestry meetings !

The area around the Church is thought to have had at least one dwelling " Tanyriwen " and it was in this dwelling that Jenny Jones lived out her final days with Mary Griffiths.

In the 1881 Census, Mary gave her age as 66 and a widower, we know from previous census's that Jennie was 84.
The view from St Mary's to the Talyllyn is something special, the Churchyard is higher in the Westerly direction and from the rear fence there is a panomaric view of the Church and lake.

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