This is the story of " Jenny Jones of Talyllyn " who lived most of her life in and around the Talyllyn area. She travelled with her husband Lewis Griffiths around the battlefields of Europe and was at the battle of Waterloo on the battlefield for three days.

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Talyllyn Church where Jenny's grave is located.

St Mary's Church Talyllyn

Jenny Jones of Talyllyn was born in the last few years of the 17th century and died in 1884. She was thought to be born in Ireland and it is there where she met her husband Lewis Griffith. Lewis's family had lived in this Talyllyn area of Wales for many generations. Lewis was in training for the Army in Granard when they met, having been attested on the 6th April 1814 to the Royal Welch Fusiliers. They are thought to have married shortly after they met although Jane's family were not keen on the match and broke all ties with Jane after they married. Lewis who had enlisted with the Royal Welsh Fusilliers followed his batallion to the battlefields of Europe, here he was supported by Jane his wife who became a Laundry maid and nurse.
View from the Churchyard to the Talyllyn lake

The view from the back of the Churchyard shows the Talyllyn lake in all it's beauty, a lake famous for it's fishing and featured in John C. Moore's book " Tramping through Wales In search of the Red Dragon ". When the book was first published in 1931 the Tyn-y-Cornel Hotel was the haunt of the many who enjoyed the fishing, the solitude and the good traditional food. Today judging from the boats on the lake and the cars in the car park nothing has changed.

Jenny Jones's grave is located just inside the entrance porch to the churchyard immediately on the right hand side. I like to stop a while here and ponder Jenny's life now nearly 200 years ago, to try and understand the conditions and hardships her life was lived by, and then to compare this with the conditions we live our lives by. What a contrast !

Jenny's first husband Lewis Griffiths was buried in the churchyard in 1837 following his death in a quarrying accident and although I have spent some considerable time searching for his grave I have been unable to find it.

There is also a record of the graves in the churchyard held by the local Family History Society and this does not show his grave either. I can only suppose that he was buried in an unmarked grave.

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