Why I am interested in Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones is my Great Great Great Great Grandmother and I have been able to trace my roots to Jenny and Lewis Griffiths her first husband.

Whilst researching Jenny Jones and her relatives I have got to know the Talyllyn area quite well and as I found several errors in the Jenny Jones story as understood by the historians around the Talyllyn, I felt it only correct to try and explain my findings in these web pages. I hope I have put down a balanced view of the Jenny Jones story but if you think otherwise please e-mail me and I will discuss correcting any errors I have included.

Many of the errors I found were repeated and it is clear to me that they almost certainly eminate from the official records of the Royal Welch Fusileers, thus perpetuating the errors.

Whilst the story of Jenny is a romantic one and those who live and take an interest the the local history of Talyllyn, would like it kept that way, I feel that the errors in her story must be identified and noted so that future generations can look at the facts for themselves.

Jenny's maiden name was Jane Drumble and it is this name she is identified with on all the official documents I have looked at. She was married to Lewis in the period around 1813 when Lewis followed the call to arms joining the Royal Welch Fusileers.

As an amateur Family historian I am always open to any facts that throw new light on this facinating story and would welcome any facts or feedback, and will incorperate these facts in any rewrite of this site.

If you have any information on Jenny Jones please e-mail me

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