Zealandia wrecked 2nd April 1917

View of the Zealandia taken in Sept 2000 with boilers on the foreground and engine to the rear.

One of the Zealandia boilers

The Zealandia one of the last wrecks to be attended by the Southport Lifeboat before it was disbanded in 1925. The wreck can still be viewed on the Southport beach, about a mile to the South West of the Chrysopolis wreck.

She is only visable at Low water and all that remains of her now is the engine which stands up out of the water and the two boilers which are only just visable on the very large tides. She was known by the local shrimpers as the " Mugships " or " Treacle Can " because her cargo consisted of Mugs and Treacle.

Lawson Booth the local historian lists in his book the following information on the Zealandia :

I am indebted to Douglas Head for the following additional information which is available in the Southport Referance library. Douglas following considerable research has revised, enlarged and corrected the Lawson Booth book.

Zealandia - Iron Steamer built in 1875 2730 tons, USA flag. On passage from New York to Liverpool with general cargo, went ashore on the horsebank, 3 miles west of the Southport Pier. Total loss, crew of 47 2 were lost. She was a 4 masted steamer her master's name being Broadhead. Registered in New York no 28136 KNLM. Built in Glasgow in 1875 377ft x 37.1ft x 18.6ft. The owner was Fisk trading Co. New York.

Many thanks to Paul Hesketh for the photo of the Zealandia bouy complete with resident seal !
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